5 easy ways to enhance your interior with pivot doors

Doors might look trivial with little contribution to the overall impression of your home. However, the types of doors can affect your perception of your interior design.

Harmony is one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to designing an attractive interior. That’s why it is essential to choose the type of doors that fit well together with your design.

One way of improving the attractiveness of your home’s interior design is through pivot doors. Not only do their movements inevitably lend a streamlined look, it also creates a bold statement without stealing the attention of your overall design.

What is a pivot door?

Unlike regular doors which have hinges connected to the wall on the side, a pivot door has a spindle at its top and bottom, which allows itself to rotate vertically. In short, a pivot door is a swinging door that rotates on a vertical axis.

Pivot door as a room divider
Pivot doors add a sense of style while working conveniently for any part of the room. Source

Why choose pivot doors?

1. Easy installation

There are many reasons to install a pivot door in your house, and its easy installation is one of them. As compared to regular doors, pivot doors don’t require much hardware to install because there will be no door frame to hang from with hinges.

2. Silent movement

One thing that should be avoided when choosing a door is the annoying squeaking sound. Pivot doors are known for their ability to operate silently without creaking. They can even be made soundproof to cancel noises from outside of your room.

3. Higher stability

Due to being large and sturdy, pivot doors are more stable compared to regular doors as they also hang from a pin vertically. With accurate measurement, pivot doors can become extremely heavy without any issues.

Thanks to their vertical hinges, pivot doors can easily carry much larger weights which it disposes of through the floor, instead of hanging from the wall on the side.

4. Space-saving

Despite their extra-large size, pivot doors are considered as one of the most space-saving components in modern interior design. This is because their range of motion takes up about 50% less space as compared to regular doors which rotate 90° from the side on the wall.

5. Minimalism

With that being said, one last reason to choose pivot doors is that they are perfect for minimalist designs. Not only is this true on a physical level; on a visual level, they provide more sense of space than regular doors because of the way they swing. In short, pivot doors add functional elegance and character to your home.

Places to add pivot doors

Everything has a time and a place, so do pivots doors. Some places are more suitable than others to have a pivot door installed, not to mention the suitability of the types of pivot doors for certain places in your house.

When a pivot door is installed at the right place, it will benefit the place in terms of attractiveness and functionality.

1. Front door

Your front door is the place that leaves the first impression of your home not only on you but your guests as well.

Having a spectacular pivot front door installed will speak volumes about your home. For instance, a carved wooden pivot door will leave an archaic impression; meanwhile, a golden metal pivot door will give off a majestic vibe.

In terms of functionality, it would make it easier for you to move inventory in and out of the house. All you have to do is push the door with your body while carrying two boxes.

Glass pivot door as a front door
A minimalist clear glass pivot door works well for a clean and open concept. Source
Frosted glass pivot door in the front door
Frosted glass provides extra privacy for the entrance. Source

2. Backyard and balcony

Pick a pivot door that fits well together with your backyard or balcony in terms of colour and style.

For instance, if you have a small garden in the backyard, a white or brown pivot door is a good choice. This will add vitality to your backyard garden with its depiction of mother nature.

A balcony is often a warm place where friends and family hang out. You might want to go for a pivot door whose size suits your balcony’s perimeter. In addition, a pivot door allows you to access the balcony easily especially when there is a party.

A dramatically large pivot door opens to the greenery in the backyard. Source
Wooden pivot doors to the backyard
Multiple doors can control the amount of light entering the room. Source

3. Divider

A divider is a unique way of adding decorative accents to functional interior design. It is used to split up large spaces into smaller and cozier personal spaces.

By combining the function of a pivot door with the divider’s, you can separate functional zones and add a touch of privacy to living spaces. You can add decorations on the divider that look well together with the pivot door.

Glass pivot door between the hallway and living room
Even with the glass, a pivot door provides a sense of separation. Source
A solid black pivot door works for a seamless and minimalist room divider. Source
Between rooms, pivot doors add a sophisticated send of style rather than regular doors. Source

4. Full-length windows

Usually, a set of full-length windows comes with a transparent pivot door which really looks good together. However, it still depends on where you installed the full-length windows. Places like the living room, guest room and backyard are the ones you need to consider.

For example, if your full-length windows are facing the swimming pool or garden, it would be nice to have a pivot door that doesn’t block your view entirely. Other than security reasons, it is also built for the aesthetic aspect of your home design.

The large windows are perfect for ventilation. Source
Whether it’s uniformed or in a haphazard pattern, these full-length lend to a seamlessly nuanced interior look. Source

5. Pivoting walls

One of the essentials that make the pivot door attractive is the pivoting walls. They are movable parts of the wall where you can customize their designs according to your personal preferences.

Since door frames are not necessary for pivot doors, the pivoting walls can be well incorporated into their surroundings. This also means that the combination will create an almost invisible passageway.

Thus, they enable you to separate spaces and combine spaces whenever you want.

All-white pivot walls act as an effective divider without causing too much congestion. Source
Pivoting wooden slabs for doors have a remarkable sense of elegance that’s out of the ordinary. Source

Swing open into a beautiful home

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