6 Minimalist Interiors: Budget Starting from RM30K

Do Malaysian’s spend too much on things we don’t need? In 2018, Malaysians were told to curb their expenditures, with the advice particularly aimed at those with unresolved debt.

While impulse purchases can give off an adrenaline rush, having too much stuff can clutter up your home, making it look messy and disorganised.

One way to reduce the clutter is to adopt a minimalist interior design, together with a minimalist lifestyle. That means, throwing out unwanted junk, adding more storage cabinets, and ensuring that our home interiors are designed with clean lines and neutral colours.

Whether you love it or hate it, the beauty of the minimalist interior design can greatly improve your quality of life, while saving you cost in the long haul, too.

The key to achieving a minimalism-inspired interior is by selecting your furniture carefully and colour-palettes that will complement your overall interiors.

Another key take-away to note is to remove any unwanted visual clutter and miscellaneous items that may obstruct or serve no actual purpose in your interiors.

Still hesitant? Check-out these seriously gorgeous minimalist homes in Malaysia to add to your list of inspirations.

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Serviced Apartment at Central Residence, Sg. Besi

Nothing says effortless cool and easy maintenance like an industrial-style living room. Textured feature walls greet black and white furnishings to create a classic and sophisticated minimalist charm. Meanwhile, the artistic built-in wall clock also brings a distinct elegance into the room, setting off a space that is well-thought-out and organised.

Minimalist home in sophisticated grey undertones
This full-height wardrobe offers plenty of storage for its occupants
A pop of colour from the cabinet display shelves uplifts the workstation to promote creativity
Clean lines and neutral colour palettes are one of the hallmarks of minimalist interiors. Source

Budget: RM30,000* (work includes feature TV wall, cabinetry and display storage shelf)


2-Storey Terrace/Link house in Ambang Botanic 2, Klang

Shades of beige, whites and greys bring a distinct signature to this neutral minimalist interior that boasts modern charm. The mismatched lounge chair and sofa create a harmonious union between the wooden cabinets while the wood-textured ceiling fan blades blend seamlessly for a clutter-free home.

Mismatched lounge chairs in neutral tones add to the minimalist aesthetic
The benefits of having built-in cabinets help to save space while storing your belongings from sight
This exquisite wooden dining table adds a layer of depth to the area for a polished look. Source

Budget: RM180,000


Studio Apartment at Galleria Equine Park in Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Effortlessly elegant, sophisticated and modern all at once, an all-white interior never goes out of style. It offers you the best choice when you want to make your room bright and airy while being versatile enough to complement the rest of your home’s interiors. Add a pop of colour by adding accessories and furniture with bold colours such as greens or reds to provide a coherent balance to the room.

Wooden planks painted in white bring a light and breezy atmosphere into the bedroom
Mirrors, partitions and warm lighting create a stunning minimalist abode
Black and white bathrooms are incredibly sleek and stylish
A duo-toned colour palette enhances the focal point of the room while creating a striking balance to bring definition to the decorating scheme. Source

Budget : RM50,000


3-Bedroom Condominium in TTDI Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Contemporary homes like the one below incorporate black and white in wonderful ways. You can pair these harmonising colours with wooden textures and accents for an interior that boasts practicality with a modern charm. Combining elements of wood into your home is also believed to bring good feng shui for your household, as wood is believed to strengthen positive energy to one’s surroundings.

The living room is simplistic and stylish without being overwhelmed with visual clutter
The visual benefit of blending in two primary shades is to meld together a contrasting design
The addition of the subtle grey cement wall provides a layer of texture and subtle colour into the living area. Source

Budget : 250,000


3 + 1 Bedroom Condominium at The Resident, Ampang South

Choosing your materials that resonate with your personal style is important when designing your interiors. For some homeowners, they may enjoy the organic feeling of concrete walls, while another may prefer a more sophisticated flair of luxurious marble flooring for their home. Similar to this home in Ampang South, sleek white countertops and track lights help to develop a refined space that unifies with its unique marble flooring to enrich its minimalist appeal.

This small and cosy kitchen involves plenty of cabinets for a multi-dimensional kitchen workspace
A raised platform bed with wooden elements to resemble the ultimate Japanese-inspired retreat
Gorgeous marble flooring and a spacious floorplan pave the way for plenty of opportunities to experiment with different layouts. Source

Budget: RM70,000


2-Storey Terrace House in Dato Onn Perjiranan 15

This home combines a cosy window seating area paired with warm lighting for the ultimate bedroom retreat for a welcoming place to call home. Pastel coloured throw pillows provide a subtle shade of colour into this minimal space while utilising white as the primary colour for a space that’s wide and open.

Warm lighting and the addition of silky curtains give this bedroom a rich and glamorous presence
White-washed walls are the perfect addition to any home to enlarge a small space
A splash of colour from the wooden furniture, artworks and decorative pillows make for a personalised living space. Source

Whether you’re looking to curate a particular style or simply looking to update your space, white is the perfect canvas for any type of decor. Experiment with varied textures and colours of furniture, photo frames and even introducing plants into your home to balance plain interiors for a home that’s timeless for years to come.

Budget: RM150,000


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