How To Achieve Luxurious Interior Design The Right Way

Without a doubt, a posh environment is everyone’s favourite when it comes to luxury interior design. Although some might not incorporate it into their home design, eventually they will still fall in love with the sense of elegance it delivers.

Places like hotels, fancy restaurants, wedding halls, casino lobbies, museums and many others are examples of luxury interior design that creates a posh environment.

In order to create a luxury interior design, the ambient lighting must be adjusted accurately, the furniture should display smoothness and sophistication, and you should feel comfortable and light with the opulent atmosphere.

Having said that, it doesn’t sound easy to do so. However, most people would still want a sense of luxe in their home. Therefore, Here’s a few previously completed projects done by our designers to give you a gist of how to do it right.


1. Modern Luxury in Earthy Tones @ Tropicana, Petaling Jaya

Usually, natural elements and luxury don’t get along. But, a luxury interior design located in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya offers the perfect combination of those two elements.

The design features an abundance of natural elements such as woods, marble and metal. When combined harmoniously with the right colour tones, the overall design really delivers a sense of elegance.

In terms of the lighting, it sets a calm mood by emitting a gorgeous ambience. Nonetheless, the lighting can’t unleash its full potential without being in the right place. For example, the lighting works perfectly in darker places such as the bathroom, the corners of the cabinet and the earthy wooden walls.

Speaking of attention to detail, the black accents which are against the gold embellishments have an edge on displaying the sense of luxe in this design.

Modern black bathroom with elemental accents
Hanging ring light fixtures on the mirror enhances the bathroom with a modish flair.
Sleek beige master bedroom design
The master bedroom features in-line lighting in the wooden panels and smooth textures
Built-in TV console with marble panels and gold accents
Built-in TV console with marble panels and gold accents
Modern dining room with marble and light tones
The opulent dining room is graced with a contemporary chandelier suspended above
Modern luxurious living room design
A tastefully curated living room with various patterns and textures
Modern living room hallway design with full length bookshelves
Herringbone patterned flooring blends gracefully with the classy environment
Open space modern contemporary living room and dining room
View of the open space living room and dining room
Modern contemporary master bedroom with hanging side lamps
Front view of the master bedroom’s eclectic design

Project by White Panel Interior Design

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2. Glistening White Luxe @ Lake Edge, Puchong

If dark and earthy is not your cup of tea, then its opposite might be your favourite. Check out this luxurious home in Puchong which depicts purity and elegance with its charming all-white design.

The main element that truly sells the image of luxury is the walls, which are topped with classical wainscottings and mouldings. The kitchen is the perfect demonstration of this idea, not to mention that it is already accompanied by the white marble floor.

Another element that contributes to the elegance of this interior is the design of the lamps. For example, in the living room, the chandelier hanging from the ceiling mainly consists of white colour with stainless steel as its body. This enhances the overall appearance of the design by adding more elegance.

Classical designed kitchen with all-white cabinetry
The all-white cabinetry has such a pristine effect
White classical dry kitchen
The dry kitchen applies the same elegant and classical design in a pearly white
Classically design lounge room with a piano
The lounge room features a grand piano and extravagant monochrome details
Luxurious classic living room design
The living room features a lovely modern rustic chandelier
Elegant classical master bedroom design in white
The tufted headboard and crystal chandelier further accentuate a lavish flair
White walk-in closet classical design
The walk-in closet lacks nothing with this stunningly luxurious concept
Classical white toned hallway
The monotone white of the hallway is broken with dark grey accents

Project by Lebeau Interiors

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3. Modern English @ Dumalis, Sierra 16

The following interior design encompasses the essence of the modern English concept.

One of the most remarkable parts of this design is the dining area where it properly represents the concept of modern English. It exudes a classy cafe vibe with velvet seatings, sometimes considered a prerequisite for a posh environment.

Next, the living room is quite outstanding due to its feature wall. It is made of a stunning marble design in a herringbone pattern, as in contrast to those with random designs. The arrangement between the herringbone pattern and the TV provides an additional sense of harmony to the overall design.

Dining room with built-in velvet seats
Velvet seats for the dining area make it looks like a fancy restaurant
Modern classical dining room with feature lighting
Full view of the modern classical dining room with rose gold chrome feature lighting
Modern English styled living room
The colour palette exhibits an altogether harmonious appearance
Modern English interior design with an open space concept
Classical white window-paned dividers separate each room to create a vibrant open space

Project by Klaas Design & Build

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4. High-end Marvel @ Grove Lake Fields, Sungai Besi

Instead of including nature in the design, this luxurious home at Grove Lake Fields offers a dashing modern contemporary design directly surrounded by nature — the lake.

Speaking of its interior, it is leaning more towards the spacious concept. In addition, the spaces mostly go along with the natural elements that reside in it. For example, the wooden floor in the bedroom and the dark marble feature wall in the living room.

Furthermore, this design has the ability to display lavish decorations without overpowering the beholders. Everything is in balance between minimalism and maximalism.

The most obvious contributor to this design is the lighting. Take the bedroom for instance, the yellow lighting on the ceiling is what makes the overall design compelling. Lighting in the living room is neither too bright nor too dark.

Modern contemporary interior design with natural elements
Overview of the home’s lavish and spacious interior with a bright view of the pool outside
White dry kitchen cabinet with marble backsplash and kitchen island
The oversized marble kitchen island matches perfectly with the glossy white melamine cabinets
Dining room with wood patterned feature wall
The dining room’s wooden feature wall scales the length of the room to a mesmerizing effect
Grey toned master bedroom with full length windows
The abundance of natural lighting washes over a modish grey-toned master bedroom
Modern living room design with grey furnishing
Suitable plush furnishing completes this fashionable cozy living area

Project by IDS Interior Design Sdn Bhd

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5. Modern Contemporary @ Park Sky Residence, Bukit Jalil

Some might fear the notion of combining elements that contradict each other, but certainly not the designers of this interior.

As you can see, this design plays heavily with contrasting elements and textures. The luxury bedroom design consists of a dark marble wall on one side while the other side is made of a bright modern feature wall. The same concept applies to the living room as well.

What makes this design unique is that every turn offers a breathtaking focal point. In short, the entire house just feels like an art gallery. When turning into the hallway beside the living room, it offers a spectacular view of a magnificent terrarium.

Lastly, the muted nuances of brown provide a comfy feeling with their calm and soothing effects. It is something you wouldn’t expect from a design that combines contrasting elements.

Hallway with vertical slat wooden panel
Wooden slat panels with an elegant textured pattern look moody and inviting
Modern contemporary living room design
Living room with a contrasting eclectic design
Modern contemporary textured dining area and living room
The avant-garde light piece above the dining area fits perfectly with the surrounding
Grey TV console with different textures and patterns
The different patterns and textures for the TV console create a divergent effect
Simple Scandinavian designed kitchen cabinets
Glossy white cabinets with light wood accents complement a clean, uncluttered kitchen
Modern contemporary master bedroom with gold-accented headboard
A gold-accented headboard becomes the highlight of these spacious master bedroom

Project by Estica Design

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6. Moody Contemporary @ Taman Gamelan Indah, Penang.

This is another modern luxury interior design, but the sense of majesty it emanates is distinct from the others.

The recognizable difference is the moody sense of opulence emitted by the dim lighting. In comparison with the designs mentioned above, there is also limited exposure to sunlight in this design.

In general, the colour palette in this design is more subdued, with slight pops of colour. Other than the dim lighting, another major contributor to this design is the dark marble wall and furniture.

Modern contemporary living room with ambient lighting
A harmoniously curated living room with a modern contemporary vibe
Seamless modern contemporary living room design with bar counter
Appliances and compartments are neatly tucked away to create a seamless facade
Modern dining room with a mid century modern dining table
The dining room is curated with elemental simplicity that doesn’t overpower the whole interior

Project by HIYK Design

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Start living luxuriously at home

Now that you have these luxury interior design ideas in your mind, you might be thinking of beautifying your home to look like a high-end residence. However, it would be better to consult and compare quotes with our professional interior designers.

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