These porch and patio designs in Malaysian homes are cool and welcoming

For homeowners who have got a semi-d or corner lot, you probably have some space at the side of your house to create an outdoor patio design that is great for relaxing.

But, even if you don’t have patio space, you can also have a nice porch design in front of your driveway. 

A comfortable and welcoming porch or patio is the first area that you or your guests will see as they arrive. And it adds an extra space for you to unwind in, and can be enjoyed by the whole family when designed right.

Whether you are looking to renovate your front porch or side patio into a space for lounging, playing, cooking or entertaining, here are a few timeless and creative designs that our designers have created in Malaysian homes.

An outdoor extension for your home

Having a side patio can really open up your living and dining area. In the cooler evening, you can fully open the sliding doors, and create an extra large entertaining space. You can also do some outdoor BBQing at the garden area, and use the patio as the serving station.

Above: Monochrome porch with wood accents for this semi-d in Setia Utama, Shah Alam by MOUS DESIGN
Above: The same house, with view of the side covered verandah. Source: MOUS DESIGN

For the semi-d above, the designers created a monochrome facade featuring a natural wood panel, along with a convenient shoe cabinet near the front door. The neutral tones extend round the side of the house via a stone pathway to the verandah that uses wood laminate flooring to maintain a natural feel. The patio roof is built using a steel frame and frosted tempered glass. For maximum comfort, both front porch and side verandah have ceiling fans to provide a breeze.

Switch between covered and open space anytime

Don’t want to have a permanently covered patio? You can have the best of both worlds by simply installing a soft roof instead of a hard roof. So, anytime you want to relax under the stars at night, you can do so from the comfort of your outdoor deck.

Above: Side patio with awning for this semi-d in Wira Heights, Kajang by MOUS DESIGN

In the example above, a small side deck has been tiled up to create a small gathering space. You can keep it to the basics and still have a cohesive looking outdoor space to enjoy at any time of the day. This porch has a seating area for four, a beige white round glass table, accompanied by four weatherproof chairs. And if it rains or becomes too hot, the extendable awning provides a good amount of shade.

Size doesn’t matter

Any small corner of your porch can be relaxing if you add comfortable seating with a touch of nature. Creating a zen space to catch a moment of peace (with a cup of tea) is important for our well-being, and these spaces help do that, even if they are small and narrow.

Above: Porch design in Seri Kembangan by MOUS DESIGN

In the home above, just by the corner of the main entrance, a small relaxing seating corner is set up. The seating is kept simple with one small tall table and two “Acapulco” chairs in black and white.

Above: House in Seri Kembangan by MOUS DESIGN

In the house above, even the front porch can give off a tropical villa feel, with grey mosaic hexagon floor tiles that add a unique touch to the space. You’ll notice how the use of different shades and textures of grey in this space creates a more unified look. There is a grey brick wall where the main door is positioned, while the surrounding walls are painted a light grey-white. The protective grills on the door and window are also a light shade of grey. 

Perfect for outdoor fun

A verandah is also a great way to create an outdoor play area for the kids. As a covered space, you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain, yet still enjoy a view of greenery and nature.

Above: Verandah design right next to the communal gardens at Breezeway Park in Desa Park City by GI Design
Above: Close up view of the verandah. Source: GI Design

This side porch features a glass ceiling and an outdoor dining space. It is the ultimate hangout area for all ages. The key to designing a minimal modern side porch is to only fill the space with functional necessities. 

The dining area is placed on a slightly elevated wooden deck like area. The small side garden is kept clean with a simple square stone walkway. There is plenty of lighting, so the area can be used even at night. 

Covered parking for multiple vehicles

Another reason for a porch extension is to ensure that all your vehicles are protected from the sun and rain when parked. If your car is parked outside at noon, internal temperatures can go as high as 45 degrees Celsius, potentially frying your electronics. But a covered porch gets rid of that problem.

Above: Wide covered porch design fits 3 cars comfortably in this house in Adda Heights, Johor. By Fuyu Dezain
Above: A spacious covered porch and driveway for a corner house in Bukit Mewah, Johor Bahru by Neue Malaysia. This home has a rather traditional porch design, but the driveway has an interesting transition from cement slabs (or grass block pavers) to a tiled front porch area. The layout of the grass paving stones are kept uneven for a unique look. This property also features a massive side patio and garden; perfect to add a BBQ area with seating. The space is decorated with a variety of plants in different spaces and sizes, and there’s enough garden space left over to have a game of football or badminton!

A seamless indoor-outdoor space

Maximise a great outdoor view by integrating the main living and dining areas with a covered pavilion outdoor room. This takes advantage of cross ventilation to keep the entire home cool. 

Above: Bungalow verandah in Valencia Sungai Buloh by MIL Design and Construction
Above: View from the back of the bungalow. Source: MIL Design and Construction

The 4500 sq ft bungalow above was refurbished to suit a family with young children, adding an entire new wing with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, a playroom / children’s study along with a huge outdoor bbq patio space.

The design immediately transformed the lower floors from a dark, dim space with a closed kitchen to a contemporary space with spectacular views of the golf course, heaps of sunlight and air circulation and a spacious open kitchen with a 9-foot Caesarstone island.

Timber louvres and outdoor sliding trellis doors were designed to increase privacy and block out the western sun. The porch is fully tiled with large white stone tiles. There are two separate seating areas, one is the sofa and coffee table space and the other is for outdoor dining. 

The dining area is extended out with a wooden ceiling with metal frames that stretched out into the side garden. This contemporary porch is ideal for those that enjoy long days outside. Family and friends can gather around to have a meal in the dining space, or even read a book or get some work done on the outdoor sofa. 

For the gardener

If you desire to have a lush garden, the verandah is a great place to set it up. A covered roof means that your plants avoid the harshest sun. It also gives you a controlled space to grow your own vegetables. When fully grown, the plants give the added advantage of creating a privacy wall.

Above: Wood and stone verandah in Bayu Damansara by Klaas. This home features a planter area that goes all along the wall
Above: Another view . Source: Klaas

Add a water feature

For a really relaxing space, why not add a water feature? The sounds, movement, and sight of flowing water helps calm the mind. It may even be a habitat for tropical fish.

Above: Porch design at Periwinkle, Bandar Rimbayu by Your Planners
Above: Patio with water feature at Periwinkle, Bandar Rimbayu by Your Planners

In the home above, the owners chose a concrete porch with additional overhang made of steel and glass for a modern loon. Around the side, they added a water wall facing the sliding door to create a tranquil space.

An open skylight protects from rain

Above: Semi-d in Bayu Damansara by Young Concept
Above: Side garden view. Source: Young Concept

Clean and modern are the best terms to describe the verandah design above. This home features a glass wrap-around ceiling that goes all the way to the very end of the side yard. This allows everyone to enjoy the natural light. And the kids can continue to play under the shelter outside even if it’s raining.

Let nature take over

Of course, the best reason to renovate your porch and verandah is to create your personal oasis of nature. You may be surrounded by a concrete jungle, but within your front gates, you can surround yourself with nature and greenery.

Above: House verandah design in Tanjong Tokong Penang by Archiplan
Above: Alternate view of verandah. Source: Archiplan

The verandah design above features a clear skylight supported by steel beams for maximum sun exposure. Creepers, trees and flowers have been planted in abundance here, and a simple wooden bench is placed right in the middle of it for the owners to lounge in.

Above: House front porch in Bukit Damansara by Spacefighters
Above: Side garden path in Bukit Damansara by Spacefighters

This home above in Setiabistari, Bukit Damansara has a unique brick facade at the front; designed for green creepers and vines to cover it. The sides of the house feature lush shaded walkways. The front porch is car-free, so grass has covered the entire driveway area. Don’t forget to add a large assortment of plants, both potted and planted right into the ground.

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