How to Buy Window Grille and Door Grilles in Malaysia

Door grille window grille malaysia

When it comes to home security, the first thing that many homeowners invest in is a window grill to keep the home safeguarded from intruders.

After installing window grilles, homeowners may also install door grilles for the front door.

Because the demand for security grilles is very high in Malaysia, there are various materials and designs available.

For example, door grilles may need to be lighter to make it easier to open and close. While window grilles may need to be stronger to prevent cutting tools. So where do you start?

Here are some basic considerations when installing a security grille in your home.

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1. What is the best material for window grille?

For landed properties, security grilles help prevent break-ins and burglaries. Homeowners will typically install steel security grilles at every ground-level door entrance and window opening. If your home has a roof opening, air well or skylight, you can consider installing a grille there too.

The window grille serves a different purpose in high-rise buildings. Besides protecting from intruders, it is also used to keep the kids safe and sound.

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When choosing a window grille, make sure it has a panel that can be opened so you can get out in case of emergency.

Modern security grille door are made from stainless steel, mild steel, wrought iron, or aluminium. The table below shows some relative comparisons (click for full image):

2. How to choose window grille design?

Door grille window grille malaysia
Type of security grille materials in Malaysia. From L to R: Stainless steel, Mild steel, Wrought iron, Aluminium

For range of grille door and window grille designs, nothing can compare to wrought iron grilles.

Wrought iron (also known as ‘worked iron’) is when the metal is hammered into shape. This allows it to form intricate designs, such as floral patterns.

However, having complex window grille designs may also compromise on security. Since the metal is stretched thinner as it is shaped, it may be weaker than traditional bars or grid shapes.

In addition, complex designs may also create gaps that are easier for a person or children to slip through.

But, you don’t have to limit yourself to the same design or material for every window and door. For instance, you can have a wrought iron grille with a nice pattern for the front door or sliding door.

Then, you can install a diamond-patterned window grille in mild steel for the children’s rooms, since that is harder to climb (and has no pointy ends).


3. Do you need emergency access for window grille?

Another point to consider when choosing a security grille is whether you can get out in case of emergency.

Modern window grille design can be built with “escape” features such as a panel that can be unlocked and opened.

Mild steel window grille design with horizontal bars by Hin Construction
Mild steel window grille design with horizontal bars by Hin Construction Sdn Bhd. Source.


4. What is the best colour and finishing?

To prevent mild steel and wrought iron grilles from corroding, the manufacturer will add a protective layer over it.

This can be in the form of powder coating, or hand-painted.

Powder coating is when the grilles are sprayed and “baked” to form a fine layer of paint. This is most commonly done for grilles that are a single colour, such as black, silver, brown or white.

Powder coating is highly resistant to Malaysian outdoor weather, and is cheaper than hand painting.

Kah Yong Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd. Source.


However, if you have a special design in mind, then the manufacturer will need to paint the grille by hand, either in the factory or on site.

And, paint will need to be touched up every 2 to 3 years to prevent corrosion.

Front door grille by ML Engineering
Front door grille by ML ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION. Source.

Both types of finishing are needed to increase the durability and resistance of the grille against weather conditions and will make it look good for a long time.


5. What is the price for door and window grille?

The price of security grille door, and your budget, can vary depending on many factors:

  • Type of material (e.g. stainless steel, mild steel, wrought iron or aluminium)
  • Type of finishing (e.g. powder coating or paint)
  • Size of installation (e.g. sliding door vs small bathroom window)
  • Complexity of design
  • Complexity of installation (e.g. odd-size windows or openings, accessibility for workers)
  • Additional features (e.g. escape panel, locking mechanism)

As a general estimate, you can expect the following starting prices:

  • Stainless Steel – From RM30 per sqft
  • Wrought Iron – From RM21 per sqft
  • Aluminium – From RM19 per sqft
  • Mild Steel – From RM11 per sqft

The size and thickness of the steel grille are also factors, according to Azli from Safzone Enterprise.

If you compare between the strength of mild steel and stainless steel for the same size and thickness, for instance, stainless steel definitely has 1.2 to 1.5 times more strength compared to mild steel. But this also depends on the grade of the stainless steel; the higher the grade, the harder the steel. Furthermore, higher grade steel also has higher corrosion resistance.

Azli also adds that the tensile strength of the material is down to the KSI (kilopounds per square inch) measurement. The higher the KSI unit, the more stress it can withstand before breaking down and falling apart.

For instance, mild steel has 55 KSI. On the other hand, depending on the grade and exposure to sulphur, stainless steel has either 85 or 95 KSI. Aluminium meanwhile, has a KSI from 13 to 25.

The common way to make window and door grilles is to use hollow section bars. That means, rather than using solid bars, which are very expensive, the supplier will ask you to choose the type of cross section you want.

Typical cross sections include circle, oval, or rectangular, and come in 1mm or 1.2 mm thickness. Prices start from RM13 PSF.

different shapes of grille are used to create your window grille
Hollow section tube comes in different shapes. Source:

A window grille contractor will usually need two to three weeks to complete their work until installation, depending on the pattern and material that you requested.


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  3. Hi, this page is very informative. Based on the recommended price mentioned above, what’s the thickness for each type of grill?

    Say, a thicker mild steel grill will it have more strenght compared to a thinner stainless steel?

    1. Hi wy stainless steel has much higher fracture toughness compared to mild steel. So you would need a solid bar of mild steel bar match stainless steel.

      However, most grilles don’t use solid bars. Instead, they would be made using hollow section bars to reduce cost and weight. For mild steel, the starting thickness of the material is about 1mm to 1.2mm, but formed into a bar of about 1cm thickness. That starts at RM11 psf.

      For prices for other materials, you can submit a request to grille suppliers at

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  5. my kitchen window is 4 feet by 8 feet. Can I have aluminium grille with just one vertical bar and 4 horizontal bars?

    1. Hi Tan it would really depend on the grade of aluminium used. Most aluminium grilles are not made of pure aluminium, but mixed with other metals to form an alloy. And the different mixtures create different grades of strength and flexibility.

      I would suggest you upload the details of your window to this form to get a few quotes:

  6. My home came with pre-installed grill however, however I realize that when it rains, the water comes in so i need to fix like a steel plate along the grill. Need help with that

  7. Hi, despite having at least extra 2 inch screw anchors into the walls for my windows grills , robbers pushed the whole grill out of the wall, breaking the wall as well. Is there a way to design a grill to be resistant to such brute force?

    1. Hi Razak sorry to hear that! I guess there is only so much a window grille can do against such brute force. One way to think about security is to have “layers” of it. So, instead of just putting all your effort into installing a super-strong (and expensive) grille, you can add a separate layer of security, such as CCTV or motion-sensing lights. We have some CCTV security experts who can advise you at Hope this helps!

  8. Hi, this is a very useful info~ thank you so much 🙂
    May I know mild steel and wrought iron, which one more sturdier?
    Is it different kind of material grilled door comes with different kind of thickness? like 0.9mm, 1.0mm or 1.2mm thickness?

  9. 1. U said…..
    Stainless Steel – From RM30 per sqft
    Wrought Iron – From RM21 per sqft
    Aluminium – From RM19 per sqft
    Mild Steel – From RM11 per sqft

    thats 2017
    how much is it now 2021? are contractors simply hiking up prices?

    2. grilled door & windows are quoted with thickness like 1.0mm or 1.2mm thickness? someone said after powder coating 1mm its already 1.2mm…. 0.2mm is negligible! anyone can tell how important is the difference to safety? and how true??

  10. Hi!

    Can quote how much for mild steel grill install at balcony 3rd floor apartment & the pattern is just single line only.

    Measurements is 320cm X 110 cm.


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