How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Handyman In Malaysia?

The unique quality of a handyman is how they truly are the jack of all trades. Whether it has to do with the walls, doors, painting, bathroom, or anything around the house, a handyman can definitely get it fixed.

Some jobs are easy enough to do on your own but others may require a professional to resolve. On top of that, how much do their services cost?

We’ll be breaking down each service offered with each rough pricing estimate and when you’ll need to hire a handyman.

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When do I need a handyman?

If it’s the basic replacement of a blown lightbulb in your bathroom, you probably won’t need a handyman to come over.

But if it has to do with heavy-duty work using materials or equipment you’re not familiar with handling, or if you need specialised tools, then you need a professional handyman to help.

Here’s a general list of services that handymen can cover:

  1. Wall works
    1. Fixing leaks
    2. Sealing cracks
    3. Water damage
    4. Drilling
    5. Painting
    6. Wall mounting
    7. Shelving
    8. Hard-to-reach lighting fixes
  2. Door works
    1. Knob replacement
    2. Door repairs
    3. Hinge repairs
    4. Painting
    5. Glass door installation/repair
    6. Foldable door installation
  3. Bathroom works
    1. Tap or pipe replacement
    2. Leaky pipes/taps
    3. Water heater repair
    4. Resealing
    5. Tiling
Handyman service in Malaysia for broken or jammed doorknobs
Broken or jammed doorknobs are common repairs that call for a handyman

Do I need a handyman or a renovation contractor?

The line drawn between the two can get blurry but essentially, it depends on the extent of the job that needs to be done.

Handyman malaysia

For large-scale jobs that require a long time, involves heavy equipment and some specialization such as remodelling, a renovation contractor is much needed. If it’s something that can be done within the day and for a cheaper rate, hiring a handyman is your way to go.

Apart from that, a clear distinction between the two professions is having a permit. For instance, hacking down a wall or extending your kitchen requires official permits to proceed, which is a renovation contactor’s area of expertise. Renovation contractors may also need to be CIDB-certified, something that handymen do not need.



No CIDB certification

Permitted to carry out construction projects

Small scale household repairs

Large scaled jobs including remodelling and renovation

Usually involves only one worker with flat rate

May hire external labourers

(incurs extra cost)

Materials are self-purchased by homeowner

Raw materials provided by contractors

Remodelling and renovation works for renovation contractors in Malaysia
Large scale projects such as remodelling are more suitable with a renovation contractor

Pricing for common handyman services

Here’s a rough price estimate on some of the most common handyman services:

Wall works:



Leakage repair (plus waterproofing) RM1500-2500
Sealing cracks RM150-300
Water damage repair (plus painting) RM250-400
Shelving RM120-250
TV mounting RM250
Hard to reach lighting fixes RM200-300
Painting (per 1000 square feet) RM600

Door works:



Doorknob repair RM30
Door repair RM150
Door hinge repair/replacement RM100
Foldable door repair RM250
Glass door installation/repair RM30 per square feet

Bathroom works:



Leaky taps and pipes repair/replacement RM50 each
Water heater repair RM180
Bathroom tiling RM3 per square feet
Resealing RM1 per feet

Source: MZK Global


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Questions to ask your handyman before servicing

Communicating with your service provider is key for a hassle-free servicing so that both parties are on the same page. Here are some queries for your handyman to get a better understanding of the process.

How much will labour and materials cost?

Ask your handyman directly for a breakdown of the service cost to avoid unexpected surprises in your final bill. Always run through each pricing and find out if your handyman charges a flat rate or hourly rate for their service.

What type of work can you do?

Although the general assumption is that they are skilled in most repair works, it is best to ask if they are able to perform services that you require at the moment and how experienced they are with that particular task.

Handyman contractors in Malaysia
Ensure that your handyman is able to carry out the tasks you require perfectly

Do you have local references?

It’s reassuring to know that the handyman you’ve hired are experienced enough and have a list of satisfied customers in the past. If your handyman has serviced homes around your neighbourhood or condo block, you can ask them for reviews.

How long until the work is completed?

Make sure your handyman gives you a confirmed time period to get the job done in case you might need to stay home for the day or more. If there is to be any delays, ensure that you are notified earlier and given good reason (some delay projects as an excuse to scam you).


Where to find reliable handyman service in Malaysia?

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