12 Wall Painting Ideas to Brighten Dull Corners

12 Wall Painting Ideas to Brighten Dull Corners

Have you ever taken a look at one of those dull corners in your home, and wondered how you can pretty it up and make it more interesting?

You know what we’re talking about: those hard-to-decorate corners found at your stairs, living room or even in your dining area.

As they are usually too small (and too awkward) to decorate with furniture, decorating can be challenging.

Some of the ingenious methods people often employ include framing photographs on the wall and installing built-ins.

However, another way to make those corners standout is to give it a coat of paint. It’s an easy method that can quickly transform any uninspiring corner to become the focal point of your home.

Here are 15 wall painting ideas for awkward corners.


1. Create the ultimate cosy corner with a splash of orange

wall painting ideas for a cosy corner

Orange adds a sense of warmth and comfort, so paint a window corner orange then pair it with some soft furnishings and pillows, and you’ll create a cosy corner to relax.


2. Paint a nursery corner blue for some playful touches

corner wall painting ideas for nursery rooms
corner wall painting ideas for nursery rooms

Add more playful vibes to your nursery corner by painting it with Azure blue. You can also add more charming touches with cute stickers.


3. Create a cosy play corner with paint and built-ins

wall painting ideas for a play corner

One of the more interesting ideas we’ve stumbled upon is this brilliant built-in table. Not only does it work as a table for your kids, but it also functions as a storage bin for toys, books and pillows when you flip open the top.

Plus, it also works as a seating area, or as a place for your kids to take a quick nap! Paint the corners charcoal grey and install a couple of incandescent lights to set up a nice cosy mood.

If you need help to install built-ins, our contractors can help you out (with free quotes).


4. Create an inspirational workstation corner

wall painting ideas for an inspirational workstation

While most furniture will look awkwardly out-of-place at a corner, tables don’t.

So, take advantage of this and turn it into a workstation. Then, complete the look by painting the corner with a colour of your choice. Decorate the area with potted plants if you want more creative vibes.


5. Add personality to the seated corner near the door

wall painting ideas for seated corners by the door
wall painting ideas for seated corners by the door

Add more personality to the corner area where you would typically wear your shoes!

Shades of yellow help to inject some positive vibes, while matte black adds a bold approach.


6. Paint and decorate a toddler’s corner

wall painting ideas for a toddler corner

As toddlers are in the transition period from crawling to walking, low beds like bare mattresses can help them to get in and out of bed easily.

If you want to keep an eye on them, you can place their mattresses at your bedroom corner. Then, give the wall a coat of paint and decorate it a mini table, mirror, or in any cutesy way you want.


7. Segment an area via colour blocking

colour blocking wall painting ideas

This painting method is known as colour blocking, and it’s one of the more popular wall painting ideas in the 60’s.

Colour blocking helps to create a distinct look by segregating an area of a room into different “sections”. It’s useful if you have an open floor plan and want to highlight different areas.


8. Highlight a statement corner with a paint-plant combo

wall painting ideas for a statement corner with plants

Greenery helps to instil more vibrancy, life and calmness to the interior of our home. And the effect is only amplified when you combine them with a green painted corner.


9. Wall paint a dining corner

wall painting ideas for a dining corner

Want to transform the atmosphere of your dining area from dull to exciting?

Paint a coat of yellow and watch how it elevates the mood.


10. Paint a cubicle kitchen corner

wall painting ideas for a kitchen corner

Cubicle kitchens are great for smaller homes as they pack functionality into one small corner space. Add a bigger statement by painting the walls with the colour of your choice.


11. Turn an unused corner to a cosy haven

wall painting ideas for corners

Pair cheery yellow with a mattress and plenty of soft pillows and you’ll create a cosy nook for lazy weekends.


12. Create a statement corner by the staircase landing area

wall painting ideas for the stairs corner

Want to breathe life into that boring stairs corner area?

Forget fancy artworks or heavy bookshelves, just give it a coat of paint! Makes the view on your way up and down less awkward and more interesting.


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