House Renovation Projects Under RM55,000 in Malaysia

Home renovation projects, both on a small and large scale, are beneficial to your interiors in more ways than one.

Whether you’re revamping a couple of rooms or experiencing a total home remodel, your home will feel uniquely different, refreshed and renewed.

Making upgrades to your home design, size or building materials can make a distinctive difference to increase resale value for your property when it’s time to sell your home.

Although renovation projects can be stressful, seeking help from proper budgeting and planning ahead with a good contractor network can take the stress out of your renovation projects in no time.

Here is a list of renovation projects under RM55,000 in Malaysia to spark some inspiration for your own home.

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Stunning Airbnb SoHo Home Unit in Jalan Ampang

Once plagued with absent walls and rooms, this spacious loft is now stylish, sophisticated and full of vigour to accommodate families or couples during their short-term stay. After undergoing an interior overhaul, this completed SoHo unit strikes modern luxury at its finest. Transformed for less than RM50k, the unit features an expansive living room that is visually pleasing with cosy and moody hues. You can read here for more.

House Renovation Cost: RM33,748

Project by: R.Works

2-Bedroom Apartment Renovation Cost at South View Serviced Apartments, Bangsar South

This 648 sq ft apartment in Bangsar South packs a punch with its built-in kitchen cabinets, TV console and sliding wardrobe to maximise every available space in this studio apartment. The unique honeycomb mirrors set as a focal point between the living room and kitchen while the textured wall background creates depth and personalises the overall home design.

House Renovation Cost: RM35,000

Project by: Lebeau Interiors. Get quote from this contractor

2-Bedroom Stylish RUMAWIP home in Setapak, KL

Built for the modern family, this completed show unit was transformed under RM50k featuring a spacious living room layout that is visually pleasing complemented by bright, eye-popping hues of yellow and blue. Read the full article to learn more about how you can achieve this interior with minimal effort.

House Renovation Cost: RM50,000

Project by: R.Works

Studio unit at Galleria Equine Park Studio in Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Everyone loves a clutter-free home, especially when you can achieve a clean, polished home design like the one below! Floor-to-ceiling mirrors provide an illusion of space while increasing the appeal of the overall home. The bold black bathroom doors further unify the transition between the living and bedroom space for ease of access.

House Renovation Cost: RM 50,000

Project by: Seven Design. Get quote from this contractor

Studio Renovation at Summer Suite Condo in Kuala Lumpur

Rustic and inviting, this 495 sq ft condo in Kuala Lumpur beams with an open floor plan. Perfect for individuals who want to add some personality into their space, its floor-to-ceiling brick wall, wooden cabinetry and chrome accessories make this modern industrial-inspired home unique with a touch of modern edge.

Apartment Renovation Cost: RM25,000

Project by: Amorphous Design. Get quote from this contractor

3 + 1 Bedroom at Anjali North Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

If you’re looking to expand a small space or lighten up an atmosphere, an interior worth replicating would be using neutral shades like whites or greys. Similar to what is achieved in this home, shades of pristine white walls provide a fresh, modern tranquillity while additional detailings such as wainscotting on the walls streamlines a modern luxury interior paired with sophisticated charm with help from its earthy wooden furniture.

Condo renovation cost: RM55,000

Project by: OctoBuilders. Get quote from this contractor

Single Bedroom unit in Nadi Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Ever wondered how to design a home that will never go out of style? Take a closer look at this home in Nadi Bangsar that is brimming with custom-made cabinetry for a purposeful and well-built interior that will last for years to come. The subdued beige colours also nurture a calm and graceful interior.

Studio Renovation Cost: RM30,000

Project by: Chemistry Design Studio. Get quote from this contractor

4-Bedroom Condominium at Reflection Residence, Petaling Jaya

The Nordic appeal is taking off in Malaysian homes. By predominantly using white with touches of black, blue and grey, it creates a clean interior look and makes for a good clutter-free home design. Boosted with stunning Scandinavian furniture and contemporary lighting, this 4-bedroom condominium captures serenity and makes the most out of natural daylight.

Condominium Renovation Cost: RM45,000

Project by: You Home Design. Get quote from this contractor

3-Bedroom Condominium at BSP Skypark, Selangor

If you have ever struggled with arranging your own furniture, look no further than built-in fittings as a permanent alternative. Featuring ample built-in storage, the apartment cleverly utilises white-clad walls and wooden fixtures to portray a harmonious and dynamic setting. Each zone delivers practical storage while offering stunning aesthetics at the same time.

Condo Renovation Cost: RM46,000

Project by: R.Works. Get quote from this contractor

2-Bedroom Condominium at Suria Residence, Bukit Jelutong

Working with a limited budget can be challenging, but it should not prevent you from maximising the potential of your home. Completed with just a few tweaks and additions such as installing a partition between the wet and dry kitchen, ambient lighting, built-in cabinets and a false ceiling, these additions offer simplicity and style.

Condominium Renovation Cost: RM22000

Project by: Constex Builders. Get quote from this contractor

2-Storey Landed Property in Cheras

Monochromatic designs are often loved for their sense of simplicity and harmony in a space. Because they are all variations of the same hue, monochromatic colours will look perfectly at home with one another. With a clear vision on budget, style and materials, this home is complemented by quality leather settees and cabinetry to further enhance this Scandinavian-inspired interior featuring clean lines and bright spaces.

Landed house renovation cost: 40,000

Project by: IIKO Concept. Get quote from this contractor

3-Bedroom Condominium at Parkhill Residence, Kuala Lumpur

An earthy ambience, if played correctly, can exude a luxurious atmosphere. This was exactly what has happened in this residence where beige tones and pops of yellow draw eyes and guide visitors through the space. Leaning on the use of carpentry and marble flooring, it emanates calmness and elegance. These elements effortlessly combine to provide an elevated experience, especially when it creates a reflective glow under the muted ceiling lights.

Condo remodel cost: RM50,000

Project by: Lebeau Interiors. Get quote from this contractor

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39 thoughts on “House Renovation Projects Under RM55,000 in Malaysia”

  1. Zalina Abdul Razak

    Just want to know estimate quo for renovation house:
    a) Corner lot 22’x75′ (additional land area 20′)
    b) Reno on 1st floor only extend width 10′ (back already full extend ground floor only)
    c) 1st floor reno include 2 balcony.

    Appreciate if you could give rough figure.

    1. Hello! Based on your details, you are probably looking at a starting price of RM30,000.

      The general rates for main items are:

      1. Structure and wall and roof tile only: RM 80 to RM 120 per sqft.
      2. Supply 1×2 tile & install : RM 10 to RM 20 per sqft
      3. Plumbing work : RM 250 per point (not including supply water tap)
      4. Supply & install wood door, aluminium window : RM 20 to RM 50 per sqft, depending on final material

      So, if we assume your extension is 8ft x 20ft, one storey:

      1. Structure and wall and roof tile: 8 x 20 x RM 100 = RM 16000
      2. Floor tile (80sqft) & 4 side full wall tile (560sqft) = (80 + 560) x RM 10 = RM 6400
      3. Plumbing work = 3 sets x RM 250 = RM 750
      4. Supply 1 set 3×7 wood door and 1 set 4×6 window = (21 + 24) x RM 25 = RM 1125

      TOTAL around RM30,000

      Of course, many things can be upgraded. And many items have not been included such as plaster ceiling, wiring, painting, furnishing and appliances, etc. We also did not include price of submission to local council, which could come up to RM4000. This was covered in a separate article:

  2. Hi there,

    If you could estimate quo for design and build for new 1000sqft apartment, focusing on living room, master bedroom, kitchen, converting yard into wet kitchen ? Looking for minimalism or chic glam interior.


    Hi, I would like to reno and do simple design for my double story house.
    1)Extend 10ft on the back of the house.
    2) Reno the 1st floor to add a small bedroom as for now i have 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor only.

  4. Hi, 1650sf single storey
    1. Replace Roof pillar for whole house
    2. Kitchen extension with kitchen cabinet top and bottom
    3. Build In wardrobes for 2 rooms

  5. Hi There,

    1st lately night of 2022! Greeting here. Kindly brief for the initial budget of ID-renovation of a Double Story 22’x 65′ ( Built -up dimension) :

    1. Kitchen cabinet L-shape, Wet kitchen stove
    2. Living hall Whole Set ( Lighting decoration)
    3. Master Room ( To hack wall for a NEW access door and To make balcony=> using the existing RC roof platform)

    Thanks for your kind advice!


  6. Hi would appreciate if you could give me a quo
    For a terrace double storey 22 x 70

    1.full kitchen
    2. 3 bathroom uplift
    3.bedroom cabinet

  7. Hi,
    Would appreciate it if you could help provide a ID+renovation quotation for a condominium size of 2,700sqft. Mainly ID and renovation required for:
    1) Living Hall
    2) Wet Kitchen
    3) Master Bedroom
    4) Master Bathroom

  8. Hi, would you be able to give a quotation for my double storey house 20’x70′ in KL. The details as per below:

    Structure, wall and roof tile only:
    1) Front Extension–8ft’
    2) 1st floor Back Extension–9ft (note: backyard ground floor has extended)

    3) Living hall and kitchen tiles work(2 x 2)–1000sqft (tiles will be bought by us)
    4) Car porch tiles work ( 1 x 2)–600sqft (tiles will be bought by us)

  9. Hello,
    I am looking to renovate a single storey semi detached house.
    1. extend the whole side external wall to make the two rooms and kitchen larger
    2. Add two bedrooms as a second floor at the back of the house – so make it to 1 1/2 storey house
    3. Redo two bathrooms
    4. Change position of front gate and porch area (entry at the moment is from the side of the house, I want to make it in front of the house)
    5. Break down one 10 feet x 8 feet internal wall separating to create open concept

    Would you be able to give me an estimate of cost please?

    Thank you

  10. Hi,

    Would appreciate if you could give me an estimation cost for full renovation of an old type apartment with 3bedrooms 2 bathroom approx. 1600sf.

    Thank you very much.

  11. Hi There,

    Seek your assistance If you could estimate quo for design and build for new 1053sqft apartment (3room), focusing on living room, master bedroom, kitchen, converting yard into wet kitchen ?

  12. Hi,

    what could be estimated cost to renovate a basic double story house of 18 x 60?

    considering reno full house:
    extend kitchen about 10ft with dry and wet kitchen.
    plaster ceiling
    3 bathroom makeover
    wall hacking
    car poach column removal
    auto gate system c/w gate
    kitchen cabinet, island, wardrobe (carpentry work)
    electrical + plumbing etc
    if possible, minimalist design type.

    would like to know the average cost if i can afford it before looking for quotation.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello! Based on your details, you are probably looking at a starting price of RM150,000.

      Roughly, it breaks down like this:

      Kitchen extension starting from 30k
      3 bathrooms starting from 15k
      Car porch starting from 40k with autogate
      Carpentry starting from 30k
      For electrical and plumbing, hard to estimate. It will need to be defined further after site visit

      Hope that helps! Let us know if you need us to get detailed quotes for you

  13. Hi there,
    I would like to renovate a 30-year old double story link house in PJ., 23 x 70. (total built-up around 2,200 sq ft.)
    Following is the main wet works i required.
    1. Change of new tiles for for the entire house which include car porch, ground floor (living, dining, dry & wet kitchen, 1 room, 1 bath room) , and first floor (3 bed rooms, 2 bath room and family area).
    2. Flattening split level flooring at living room which is currently 1 ft level down; size around 225 sq ft
    3. Piping and wiring (to install 30 new power points and suis, add 3 air-cond points)
    4. For all the 3 bath rooms – tile up to ceiling, change toilet bowl, basin)
    5. Hacking of a few walls, install main door, build a 3-4 windows, install auto gate
    6. Build cement kitchen top
    7. Plaster ceiling for just the side and corner of living room, dining room, master bed room and 2 bed rooms
    8. Painting inside (include room doors, window grill, exterior and roof top

    Carpentry work:
    1. TV console (around 10ft)
    2. Wardrobe for 3 bed rooms (around 8ft + 6 ft + 6ft)
    3. Kitchen cabinet (arounf 20 ft, base and top cabinet)

  14. Hi,

    I would like to enquire on a turn-key renovation for a 1,033 sqft condo. Could you please advise if it could be done within a budget of around 40k?


    1. Hi Vanessa! Yes it’s definitely possible, as long as you are limiting to one or two rooms, and the work is mainly cabinetry. If you like, you can submit your detailed requirements at our website (under “renovation contractor” service) and our pros will respond.

  15. Hi,

    Would like to have a rough estimate on the renovation cost for a double storey terrace house 25×80:
    1) to construct one more floor
    2) 1st floor back extension for two bedrooms
    3) master bedroom renovation
    4) kitchen renovation


    1. Hello! For this job, you are probably looking at RM300k

      Even without construction of additional floor, a typical front and back extension for 2 bedrooms is already about 200k. And since yours is to add an entire floor, it will be closer to 300k to cover this and all the other works

      I would suggest you submit more details such as floor plan into our online form, so that you can get a few more estimates to compare:

  16. Hi would appreciate if you could give me a quo
    For a terrace double storey 22 x 70

    1.full kitchen cabinet
    2. cabinet at living hall
    3. 4 bedroom cabinet
    4. plaster ceiling mainly in living area
    5. wyring

  17. Hi, can you quote me the price of replacing the car porch with a balcony to a double storey terrace house 20×65.

    1. Hello! I assume you are talking about demolishing the existing car porch, and rebuilding a new one that also has a balcony on the 2nd floor? If so, it will likely cost RM100k, because it will be a totally new structure.

      If you want to get more accurate quote, it will be best to arrange site visit from a few contractors. You can submit your details and site photos here and our pros will help you:

  18. Hi,
    Just want to know estimate quo for renovation house:
    a) Terrace 22’x65′
    b) 4B4B
    c) full kitchen cabinet
    d) cabinet at living hall
    e) 4 bedroom cabinet
    f) plaster ceiling mainly in living area
    g) wiring etc

    Appreciate if you could give rough figure.

    1. Hi Hema, you can use this as a rough guide:

      Wardrobes usually start from RM6k/each
      Kitchen from RM10k
      TV console from RM3k
      Plaster ceiling from RM5/sqf

      Based on this, you should expect the costs to start from RM50,000, as long as there is no structural work (e.g. hacking)

  19. Hi,
    Just want to know estimate quo for renovation house:
    a) Low cost flat 3 rooms
    b) 2 bathroom
    c) full kitchen cabinet
    d) cabinet at living hall
    e) 2 bedroom cabinet
    f) plaster ceiling mainly in living area
    g) wiring, etc

    Appreciate if you could give rough figure.

    1. Hi Malar, based on your list, we think it will be around 35 to 45 thousand. But, for detailed quote, we suggest you submit your renovation request at our website

  20. Hi,
    Can your professional advice on the total estimated cost on this major renovation for 30+ years house at Taman Sri Sinar.
    Original house size for 2 and 1/2 storey house with land built size 14×45
    Land size is 16×50.

    1) Rebuilt house to size 16×50
    2) Increase the 1st floor and 2nd floor follow the size of the land
    3) Kitchen rebuilt
    4) Add toilet at ground floor.
    5) whole house tiles change
    6) Roof modify it to be a flat rooftop for extra space with open air concept (3rd floor)
    7) Minimalist concept
    8) All toilets need to rebuilt
    9) wiring and water piping need to be replace
    10) your professional advice on others things.


  21. Hi
    Semi D house, extend car porch in front to full extent of house and also the one side of the house.

    Extended the existing bedroom by opening up into the new extended area.

    Install new attached bathroom to it and converted existing bathroom as a part of the rooms.
    Kitchen ground extended or new.
    Related electrical and plumbing works
    Extend existing gate.
    Raise compound walls.
    Play around with glass to integrate sunlight
    Open up interiors to extend direct sunlight into house.
    Grill and safety features

    1. Hi Raaj! For this job, the renovation might cost RM350k or more. But first you will need to hire an architect to provide drawings for the planned extension area. After that, get a quotation based on those drawings, as well as BOQ. All this need to be submitted for perbandaran approval (could take a few weeks, and also have cost there). Then only can start the work progress planning. Hope this helps!

  22. Hi, May I have a rough estimate for home design and renovation for a 5 + 1 Room, 4 Bathroom, New Condominium 1711sqft which includes :
    – Floor tiles and design
    – Full Kitchen cabinet
    – 5 bedroom with cabinets and design
    – Wiring, lights, fan point
    – TV Consult and Living Room design with cabinet
    – Plaster ceiling and centralised aircond
    – Front Door grill

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