This converted SoHo unit in Jalan Ampang is now a funky Airbnb

Airbnb interior design in 3Towers, Ampang

Treated with moody and cosy hues, this abode in Ampang is now a visual work of art.

Recently, our Interior design team undertook a renovation project in 3Towers – a luxurious condominium in Ampang consisting of SoHo units, offices, and hotel spread across the 3 towers.

The client, Low, wanted to turn his 885 sqft SoHo unit into a homestay for Airbnb. His target? Tourists and families of hospital patients.

“As 3Towers is located close to the city centre and also nearby other points of interest, it has good potential in the homestay industry for tourists, as well as family members of patients from the Gleneagles hospital,” Low said.

And he’s right. 3Towers is just a 5-minute walk to the nearest LRT station, making it easily accessible for tourists to visit landmarks in KL like KLCC. It’s also close to shopping centres, restaurants, and hospitals.

However, as SoHo units typically lack walls and rooms, turning it into a livable space can be particularly challenging.

Realising he needed professional design help, Low asked around, and was recommended by a friend to – Malaysia’s #1 home improvement site. He decided to try it out.

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“Uptown Funk” you up

Responding to his request to create a cosy space with a limited budget, our design team decided to approach it differently.

Instead of designing the home based on “Scandinavian” or “Minimalist” designs – popular design styles that are based on a neutral colour palette – the team did the opposite by saturating it with dark and bold colours, or as they call it, an “Uptown Funk” theme.

“The client wanted to convert his unit for Airbnb purpose. So, instead of a run-of-the-mill design, I proposed something different, because I think the gist of staying in an Airbnb unit is to experience a different vibe,” explains Alexis,’s head design consultant.

Indeed, despite taking an unconventional design approach, the unit now looks every bit as cosy as it is stunning.


apartment interior design in 3Towers, Ampang
Above: Pops of contrasting hues combine with ambient lighting to soak the living and dining areas with a cosy vibe.


The paint job

The ceiling and walls were coated with Nippon Paint’s Easy Wash line of durable and matte paint finishes (“Ebony Blue” for the walls, and black for the ceiling).

Meanwhile, premium Vasari (Veneziano) paint (V47 charcoal) was applied on the TV console wall, giving it a chalky-like texture.

Also, horizontal black and yellow stripes paint were applied on the wall panel next to the TV console, adding a nice visual interest.

The black and yellow wall is mainly for a ‘wow’ effect. When you enter the home, I think the first thing that catches your attention is the ‘bumblebee’ wall. Plus, it also serves as an Insta-worthy backdrop,” she adds.

apartment interior design in 3Towers, Ampang
Above: The TV console wall was coated with Premium Vasari paint. Next to it is a black and yellow “bumblebee” pillar.


As for the feature wall, a framed cork board was installed. This allows for creative art and photograph clippings.

apartment interior design in 3Towers, Ampang
Above: A cork board for artsy memos.


Overcoming restrictions

As mentioned, SoHo units usually come without any walls or any partitions, so it can feel like there’s a lack of privacy. To overcome this, Alexis had an easy solution.

Instead of building a solid divider to separate the sleeping area, we installed soft curtains between the master bedroom and dining space. This helps to add privacy while keeping things under budget,” she says.

Meanwhile, as the unit is small, built-ins were installed to make spaces more functional and practical.

At the entrance area, there is a designated cubby spot which serves as an extra bedroom. Inside, you’ll find a built-in open wardrobe, a grey mirror and a boxed up wall.

On the other hand, the living room has a customised “floating” TV console, while the dining room has a built-in laminate dining table.

Lastly, thanks to unit’s higher ceiling (3.8M), Alexis and the team were able to construct a raised platform (with concealed lighting) in the master bedroom.

“A raised platform was constructed so that the tenant can move the two queen beds aside and add a single bed if it’s needed.”

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apartment interior design in 3Towers, Ampang
Above: Built-in cubby with open wardrobe (plywood laminate), grey mirror, and box up.


apartment interior design in 3Towers, Ampang
Above: A raised platform complete with an open wardrobe with laminate finish. Notice that the Veneziano paint gives bedhead wall a “washed-out” look.


apartment interior design in 3Towers, Ampang
Built-in dining table with laminate finish and steel support.


A stunning home in a short notice

Despite an unconventional design approach, Low was left impressed by the quick renovation work, and also how the team managed to match his budget without sacrificing style.

“The design is really good and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’ll be looking forward to engaging in the future.” said a delighted Low.

All in all, this project only took a month to complete, with a fairly modest budget of about RM33K.

The budget also included soft furnishing, mechanical and electrical works, and post-reno cleaning. You can view a breakdown of the renovation below.

Renovation cost:

Painting works: RM7,798

Built-in furniture: RM21,380

Soft furnishing: RM3,100

Mechanical and electrical works: RM1,650

Ceiling fan hook installation: RM100

Post-reno cleaning: RM720



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