Homeowner’s Guide to Landscape Lighting

Have you recently been thinking about your home’s landscape lighting? How essential is it, and what magical atmosphere could you create with the right lights?

You might have thought about switching out the porch light for something brighter, or maybe for a more aesthetically pleasing lighting fixture and leaving it at that. However, as essential as it is to have good lighting inside your home, the outside space of your home deserves just as much attention.

Landscape lighting is more than just making sure that the front yard and the backyard are well lit. In fact, by putting in some thought and planning out your home’s landscape lighting you’ll be able to create a balanced space that has ambience. To create ambience and good lighting, you’ll want to know about the 7 types of landscape and exterior lighting.

Types Of Landscape And Exterior Lighting

Each type of landscape lighting is meant to serve a purpose, some are light sources that help you navigate an outside space, to perform tasks or for security. Other types of landscape and exterior lighting are used to create an atmosphere and feel to the home’s exterior. Many homeowners will mix and match the two to create the perfect ambient lighting to light their outdoor activities.


These are one of the most common types of lighting you’ll find lighting up the exteriors of Malaysian homes. This type of light comes in a range of brightness levels to pick from. Spotlight requires a high power voltage to shine light over the porch or garden area. 

However, these lights only shine light in one direction, and you’ll often need several to light an area properly. They can be used to light pathways, or pushed up in the direction of walls, flower beds and trees to create grazing and pinpoint effects. The lighting that comes from a spotlight is narrow, and usually not wider than 45 degrees thus making it more concentrated. 


One of the more versatile lighting types for your home’s outdoor space, sconces provide several lighting options. These wall-mounted fixtures are able to shine lighting at different intensities in either downlighting or uplighting or both styles. 

Depending on the overall design of the sconces, light intensity and direction will vary. It’s best that you have a clear idea of your landscape lighting design before deciding on the sconces. 


This lighting type is a typical choice for those that want to light up their porches. This is another common pick for many Malaysian homes. It’s a great option for giving your porch or driveway area a great amount of light that mimics the light of the moon. 

You can choose from a variety of options for the different types of downlights as they often come in a wide variety of lighting fixtures. You’ll be able to find one that matches your needs and your home’s overall look and feel.

Pendant Lights 

Another great option for porches is pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. You’ll be able to identify a pendant light as it hangs straight down, like a pendant on a necklace. It provides either downlighting, general, accent or task lighting depending on the design of the fixture. It’s a great way to beautify an outdoor space with classic or unique pendant light fixtures. 

Path Lights 

If your outdoor space is large enough to have a pathway or walkway, you might be interested in having path lights placed. These types of landscape lighting come in various designs for different effects and brightness. They can either be installed in the ground and around a pathway or above the ground depending on the design of the fixtures and the garden path. 

You can add path lights around ponds and grass patches as well to bring attention to these areas of your outdoor space. 

In-Ground Lighting 

This type of landscape and exterior lighting is similar to path lighting because it too can be used to light walkways. It is a curricular lighting fixture that is installed directly into the ground and can be used to illuminate trees or structures. It’s a great option for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your garden. 

Hardscape Lighting 

Do you have steps leading up to your home? You’ll want to add hardscape lighting a great way to make sure you don’t miss any steps and fall in the late evenings. These lightings are often categorised as architectural features, so you won’t find them in many designs or shapes. 

The Best Landscape Or Exterior Lighting Combination

Now that you know a little more about landscape lighting options, it’s time to know how to mix and match the different types to create great lighting and ambience.

Front Porch & Entrance 

Your driveway and main entrance should be well lit in order for you to get from the car to the door and vice versa at night. You’ll want to have downlights or a few pendant lights depending on the size of the overall space you want to cover. 

Sconces by the entrance of the door are both a classic design and functional touch. There are numerous designs to choose from to suit your home’s overall aesthetics. 

Gardens, Sideyard And Backyard

Proud of your garden? Then why not have path lights installed so that you can enjoy it in the evenings as well! You have the option to place in-ground lighting around the borders of the garden or in flower beds and bushes. 

Make sure you have landscape and exterior lightings, such as sconces by the walls of the home that surround the garden, sideyard and backyard.

Pond Or Fountain

You’ll surely want to showcase the water features of your outdoor space, be it a pond or fountain. The right lights will create an atmosphere of beauty and wonder around these features. You can even have underwater lights installed to illuminate the water spectacle from within. 

Hardscape lighting is also a great option for highlighting water features at night with light. It creates a beautiful and ambient atmosphere. 

FAQs About Landscape Lighting 

1. What voltage should I use for landscape lighting?

Around 12 volts is the sweet spot for any landscape and exterior lighting options you might want to have installed. This will ensure that your lights are protected from shocks, thus avoiding any possible accidents from occurring. 

2. How should I map them out/how far should I place them?

Measuring out the space first is a good idea, this will help you determine how far apart you want the lights to be from each other. Generally, you’ll want to space them out 6 feet apart, but again this will depend on the layout of your garden. 

3. What is the overall lifespan of landscape and exterior lighting? 

Good maintenance is key to keeping your home up and running, and this includes landscape lighting. Your lights could easily have a 10-year lifespan with the right upkeep. Make sure that cables and lighting points aren’t clogged up with leaves and debris. 

4. Are these easy to install and can I do it myself?

When it comes to installing lights you should hire a professional electrician. This is for a couple of reasons, the first being that without experience you might cause issues to your home’s wiring systems or worse. Another reason would be that many landscape and exterior lights come with manufacturer specifications and installation instructions that are better understood and executed by a professional.

5. Are the lights weatherproof?

Landscape and exterior lighting are made to withstand the elements and harsh weather. You won’t face any issues with your lights as long as any specific lighting systems are installed correctly and maintenance is done properly. 

Let the outdoors brighten your home

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