Why Your Wedding in Malaysia Needs a Video

Your wedding day is going to be best day of your life. Your loved ones are with you, everyone is having fun and looks their best, and the place looks amazing.

The only problem is, you’ll barely notice it unless you there’s a wedding video to watch later on.

Every wedding couple we know in Malaysia says that their wedding day simply flies by and becomes a blur of memories. They are usually so exhausted from the planning and running around that most of them won’t remember the details a week later.

Sure, hiring a wedding photographer is essential to make sure the important moments are captured. But, in order to REALLY bring all the moments to life with sight, sound and action, nothing beats a wedding video, created by a professional wedding videographer. This is why:


1. Wedding videos capture the action instead of freezing it

Photos are great to capture most of the special moments, but video digs deeper into the action of these moments. You can watch your first dance together to your special song, view the gatecrashing (since you would have missed it anyway, being locked up in the bedroom), or relive the great performances by your friends and relatives. Photos can’t put you back into the action of these moments like the magic of video.


Wedding video of Rondy and Elaine by Stories.my
Rondy and Elaine’s wedding video captured a magical performance by the groom to his new bride. Video by Stories.my. Source
Grace has great insight in capturing what my mind’s eye would see as most special in family members, in a setting, in an event. Yoon Yue Khuen



2. Wedding videos convey the emotion

Video captures emotions. Sure, in a photo you can see a tear sitting on a cheek or a radiant smile during vows, but video allows you to open the window to these moments and feel the emotion again.

B&W Langkawi Westin Helicam Beach Wedding video - BY Photography
Above: You can’t see it in the photo, but the bride’s hand is shaking as her husband places the ring on her finger. Video by Benson Yin. Source
For the pre-wedding shoots, he was creative with identifying locations. Most importantly Benson was willing to discuss and take on board what we wanted, and adapted to our requirements, all without compromising on professional quality. On the actual day, Benson was ‘switched on’ from the get go, showed that he was absolutely committed and even had to be persuaded to stop and rest! Masrita Ishaq



3. Wedding videos are a compact way to relive the moments

Step back into each moment watching your wedding video. Video captures the essence of the speeches and the toasts along with each special moment. Your mind is catapulted into the warm blanket of your sister’s sweet toast or the hilarious antics of your crazy uncle dancing to a funny song. A video is easy and fun for all to watch so family and friends can always be a part of your big day even if they weren’t there.

2people1life wedding video ceremony in Penang - Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling
Alex and Lisa is the couple behind 2people1life.com. They travel the world, having a wedding ceremony in every country they visit. When they visited Malaysia, Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling helped produce a wonderful Peranakan-inspired wedding ceremony in Penang for all the fans of the couple’s website. Source of video screenshot.
I am truly satisfied with his work and I have no doubt in recommending him to anyone. Thank you Nigel for your hard work! Because of you I get to relive my wedding day over and over again!Kit Ling Chan



4. Wedding videos let you get cinematic

All the attention is on you on your wedding. So give them a cinematic experience to remember. Videos let you be the star of your own romantic movie trailer; one that you can show your grandkids one day.

Lup Joe Ka Mei wedding video in Dubai by Edwin Tan Photography
Lup Joe and Ka Mei’s wedding video in Dubai by Edwin Tan Photography. Source of video
I’ve been so happy I kept recommending his service to every friend I know for their weddings. I’ve followed his career over the years and I still adore his work – and will not hesitate to work with him againWinnie Chen-Head



5. Wedding videos are a beautiful keepsake for years later

Time flies. One day, as you look back at your wedding video, you won’t believe how much has changed! A wedding video captures a moment in time when everyone is looking their best and in one place for a special couple. Some brides said that the wedding video was sometimes the only record of a parent who has since passed away, so they could remember how they sounded and felt on that great day.

And, instead of sharing 200 wedding photos with friends and family, why not just send them your awesome 3 minute highlight video?

The nervousness, the exhilaration, the joy is all captured in this groom's gatecrashing and vows. Wedding Video by ABC Studio.
The nervousness, the exhilaration, the joy is all captured in this groom’s gatecrashing and vows. Video by ABC Studio. Video source.


Taking a wedding video is an added expense, but it’s worth it

Very few couples regret their decision when they are re-watching it years later. Have you chosen your videographer yet?

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Featured video screenshot of Lup Joe and Ka Mei’s wedding video shot in Dubai by Edwin Tan Photography.


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